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About Us

About Cassinia

Est. 2004

Cassinia has been a leader in landscape restoration, conservation development and biodiversity protection since 2004. We deliver projects which protect, restore, reconnect, integrate and embed nature; protect the remnant and what is precious; restore degraded landscapes; reconnect fragmented and isolated landscapes; integrate social, cultural, environmental and economic outcomes; and embed conservation into agricultural landscapes 


In the past 17 years we have delivered over 95 landscape-scale projects across four states for a diverse range of stakeholders, including State and Federal Governments, international corporations, NGOs, and Traditional Owners.

About Conservation Development

What We Do

Conservation Development defines the process of planning, designing, building, and managing communities that preserve landscapes that are considered valuable for their aesthetic, environmental, cultural, agricultural, and/or historic values.


Conservation developers undertake a deliberate, conscientious, and engaged approach to site planning, land preservation, infrastructure design, landscaping, architecture, and community governance. 


Conservation development considers the broader context in which a project takes place. This involves examining both the entire project site and the area surrounding it. In ecology, as in development, nothing exists in isolation. Conservation development demands a deep understanding of the interconnections among the various attributes of the landscape to ensure that the whole is more than a sum of its parts. 

Meet The Team


Paul Dettmann

CEO & Founder

Greg Stone

NSW Project Manager

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